Retired Escort / Sex Educator and Relationship Coach / Artist / XXX Content Creator

24 year old Lana was stressed. 


I was going to college and working an office job I absolutely hated. Living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in the proverbial rat race. Then one day, in a fit of anger, I decided I was going to find another job. 


I was sat at my desk when I flipped open my laptop, went onto Craigslist, and searched the hospitality section (which I had never done before as the majority of my work experience was office related.) Under Craigslist Hospitality, I found an ad for an escort agency looking for talent. Not knowing what an escort was or what the job entailed, I told myself, "If you don't like it, nobody ever has to know.”


And the rest, as they say, is her-story.​

I learned the escort industry through experience with an agency. I worked with them for eight months before going off on my own. Throughout my years, I learned how to deal with my clients in a diplomatic way, how to make them comfortable, and how to connect with them. One thing my job taught me was that if you give yourself and the other person the chance, you can genuinely connect with just about anyone. As I got older and grew more and more comfortable with my sexuality, I was able to hold space for others that were trying to figure out their likes and desires without judgement. After seven years of experience I learned that making a partner feel comfortable with me started with comfort in MYSELF. 


Through all of my experiences, I had gotten really, really good at my job! So good, I started confusing my “work life” with my “real life.” At bit of introspection lead me to make a decision. After nearly seven years in the industry and over six years working as an independent escort, I decided to retire at the top of my game in December 2019. 


This new chapter of my life has me doing a few things all centered around sexual expression:


  • As a xxx content creator, I put out videos and pictures for my fans to enjoy themselves with. 


  • As a sex educator and relationship coach, I help couples and individuals talk about the “weird” stuff so they can have more satisfying sex.


  • As an artist, I create erotic, sensual pieces and sell my work to those who admire it.


All I want to do is make people happy and help others have better sex. I believe sex is at the root of it all. After all, it’s how we all got here! Let me help you express your sexuality with yourself, with your partner, and with others in a safe and non-judgmental space.


A better sex life can lead to a better life overall. People seem to forget that this is the only life we have and there are no do-overs. So, what are you waiting for to start having better sex?

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